Start here.

I’ve spent the last 30 some-odd days here in Oslo starting and restarting my creative work, formulating and reformulating my goals and objectives here, trying to make clean a messy process, to draw a line of trajectory from where I am now, into the future, at least nine months or so from now, and further on.  Not a useless process, but sometimes misguiding, and altogether unavoidable.

This is not a new experience – it is the beginning of any creative project.  It’s part of the re-formulation of lurking questions, and it is finding the willingness to seek answers, knowing that no satisfying answer will ever be found, but that the process of searching will likely yield some interesting results.

So I’m starting here, dedicating myself to tracking my goals and objectives, to documenting the process, the questions and search for answers, the experiments and physical artifacts that arise and result from the work made from this point on.  I intend for this journal of sorts to act as a dialogue with and context for my portfolio of projects, an archive of tangents and influences, an accumulation of way-finding signs along an uncertain path.

My directive: start here… move forward.


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